iPhone SE / 5S / 5 case (Python)

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Rusty Case have sold hundreds of luxury handmade iPhone Python cases (since 2010, the year of iPhone 4) online through ebay, etsy, and my old page at  Now you can buy your case directly from and save.

** FINAL SALE! No more is made. Once it’s sold out, it’s sold out, gone!! Get it now before it’s gone **

This stylish case can only fit an iPhone SE, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5.  It can NOT fit iPhone 5C.

Case Material: Polycarbonate

Leather Material: 100% genuine python leather.

The luxurious leather that wrapped the case is 100% genuine python skin leather, very soft, unique, and one of a kind. This is NOT a python embossed on a calf skin leather. You can feel the scale of the python leather when you run across it with your fingers. The scales will go up as you run your fingers through it.


Production: 100% handmade in USA.



For Natural Python, please be aware the skin pattern will not be the exact same as in the pictures due to its python natural skin motives that is different from one python to another (just like our fingerprint, it’s unique from one person to another), but be assured that the color (Natural White, Natural Havana Brown) will be the exact same, but the motives would be different.

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Natural Havana Brown, Pink Melody, Pink Panther


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